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Motor Pool
Motor Pool Information
 Motor Pool Vehicles
  • -Transportation Services currently has six vehicles available for rent.
  • -Drivers must have a valid Driver License, department approval, and provide a University speed type to operate a Motor Pool vehicle.
  • -A completed pre/post trip document, motor pool trip ticket, and fuel receipts must be returned with the car keys at the end of the reservation period.
  • -Reservations will not be approved for any Motor Pool vehicle unless all requirements have been completed.
Toyota Prius
  • -Number available: Three
  • -Passenger limit: Five (including driver).  Though we recommend four to be comfortable.


  • -Number available: One
  • -Passenger limit: Seven (including driver)

15-passenger van

  • -Number available: Two
  • -Passenger limit: Fifteen (including driver)

Due to safety and insurance concerns, restrictions are placed on the use of 15-passenger vans and ADDITIONAL TRAINING IS REQUIRED.  SEE BELOW.


Motor Pool vehicle rates are the following:

Vehicle type   Daily rate Per mile rate
  Toyota Prius    $15 $0.40
  Minivan    $15 $0.50
  15-passenger van    $15 $0.50

Damage to a Motor Pool vehicle may result in your speed type being charged a $1,000.00 deductible.


In order to reserve and drive a 15-passenger motor pool van you will need to step through the van certification training process.

  • The following steps need to be accomplished before training can be initiated:
  •      1. Complete and submit a Department Authorization Form (PDF) to Transportation Services (contact: Jacob Koenig).
  •                a. A copy of your Driver License also needs to be submitted with this form.
  •      2. Complete "CU: Defensive Driving" course in Skillsoft through the myUCCS portal.
  •                a. To access go to http://www.uccs.edu
  •                          i. Tools - myUCCS Portal
  •                          ii. Login using UCCS credentials
  •                          iii. Click on Skillsoft - UCCS - Transportation (left side of screen) - CU: Defensive Driving - Launch
  •      3. Submit verification that you successfully completed and passed the quiz for the CU: Defensive Driving course.
  •                a. Go back to Skillsoft - UCCS - Transportation screen
  •                b. Click on drop-down button (3 vertical dots) next to Launch button
  •                c. Click on Details
  •                d. Click on drop-down button - View Certificate

Once these three steps have been achieved an appointment will be setup with a Transportation trainer to complete the remainder of the van certification training.  This will consist of approximately 1.5 hours of guided hands-on training.  The hands-on training is scheduled based on the availability of a Transportation trainer.

To verify you have already been trained, please contact trans@uccs.edu



Authorization to Take University Vehicle Home Overnight (PDF)

Department Authorization Form (PDF) 

To submit an online trip ticket after returning a UCCS Motor Pool vehicle please click here


State Contract Rentals

  • -The State has contract service agreements with several rental car agencies.  To utilize a vehicle from these agencies the renter must have the University-issued State Travel Card, a valid driver license, and meet the rental agency age restrictions.  With the exception of trucks, SUV's and 15-passenger vans, renters must decline all additional insurance coverage since full coverage is provided through the Travel Card agreement and University insurance.

 Personal Vehicle

  • -Individuals may elect to utilize their personal vehicle for university business and claim mileage reimbursement through their sponsoring department.  No University insurance coverage is provided since the mileage allowance takes into account the total cost of vehicle operation, including mandatory liability insurance.  The owner's personal auto insurance provides coverage - some personal insurers do not cover business travel, so check your own insurance coverage.

Questions or need additional information?

Motor Pool Vehicle Regulations

UCCS Transportation Field Manager
(719) 255-4701

University Insurance Coverage & Claims

UCCS Risk Manager
(719) 255-3525

University Travel Regulations

Procurement Services Center 

Colorado Insurance Regulations & Requirements

Colorado Insurance Division
D.O.R.A. Division of Insurance


[1] Effective July 1, 2006: Avis, Budget, or (in Colorado only) Enterprise.
[2] Other than Workers' Compensation for University employees within the course & scope of their job duties.
[3] Colorado Auto Accident Reparations Act (?10-4-701, C.R.S. et. seq.).